Day: October 10, 2017

Part 1: 1 How to Install PostgreSQL on Windows 10

For one of my apps, I was responsible for the database, and there were some tricky things with Postgres! This post is part of a tutorial series on how to use Postgres!

Note: I also use Windows 10 and hosted my Postgres database on Digital Ocean, so I will be covering all the tricky parts I ran into!

This is the first in the series, and this is on how to install PostgreSQL for Windows 10.

Part 1: How to Install PostgreSQL for Windows 10

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link to your operating system. I selected Windows.
  3. On this new page, you have 2 options. You can download Postgres via EnterpriseDB or BigSQL. I used the interactive installer by EnterpriseDB because it easily allows you to download extensions (such as PostGIS) right after downloading PostgreSQL and pgAdmin 4.
  4. It takes you to the EnterpriseDB page to download. Select the version of Postgres (I selected 9.6.5 because it was the newest at the time).
  5. Select your operating system.
  6. Then click download.
  7. Once completed, it will download PostgreSQL. (It may download Microsoft Visual C++ first).
  8. If the installer asks you, please make sure to select to download pgAdmin 4 and Stack Builder (so you can download PostGIS).
  9. You know you are finished with installing PostgreSQL when an installer for pgAdmin 4 comes up.

The next post in the series will be how to install pgAdmin 4.