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Alexa Skills Workshop

Yesterday I attended an Alexa Skills Workshop hosted by Coding Dojo! The goal was to create an Alexa Skill for the Amazon echo family of devices.

We used one of Amazon’s templates on GitHub to create a skill for Alexa.  The greatest advantage of using a template was that no one had to be an expert in Javascript. Since it was already built, we could get through the whole process of creating a skill.

At the end of the workshop, I was able to submit my skill in for certification.

Today I got the news that my skill was certified and being uploaded to the Alexa Skills Store! It’s my first publication! How exciting!

The second great outcome of this workshop was that I am excited to create more Alexa Skills! Let’s see what the world of voice user interface will become!

The third outcome of this workshop is that I can’t wait to attend more Hackathons and workshops! This was incredibly motivational! (Though this will have to wait til after I’m done with my coding bootcamp).

Thank you again Coding Dojo for hosting this Hackathon!