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Day 1 of Coding Boot Camp Complete!

Today I have officially (along with my cohortmates) finished Day 1 of coding boot camp!

Let’s celebrate!

Each step is progress!


Framing My Circumstance

I lost time to do my homework because I got food poisoning. I could get graphic, but in short, it was awful. I lost 3 days. I attempted to work on the 3rd, but it made me sicker, not better.

I was behind schedule. Being behind is disheartening, and it was overwhelming to think I am behind that I do not have the time I had.

Although I wish I could, I can’t reverse the food poisoning.

I can, on the other hand, change my timeline including dates I plan to finish assignments. I updated the dates to work with where I am at and to get to the same destination.

Today I successfully carried on, and I am on track with my revised schedule. I have made progress, and I feel good about it.

Study Progress

For the past few days, I have not studied as much as I planned. However, I will not kick myself for that.

I will celebrate what I did study, learn or accomplish.

Progress is still progress.