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Time Management

My homework with due dates just came out for the bootcamp I plan to attend this summer.

I needed to figure out when I could complete tasksĀ and projects. For example, when will I be done with the bootcamp? How can I keep myself on track for completing the homework on time? Am I on track with the homework’s due dates?

I have made a Google Sheet for this, but it only can do so much.

To manage my time and tasks, I made a task list with subtasks in Teamwork Projects. This way you can view it on a calendar, Gantt chart, task list, etc. You can mark tasks done. You can mark tasks half way complete. It’s a stronger tool than an Excel or Google Sheet file.

This task list with due dates has given me an overview of what and when I need to accomplish items.

You can also log the time it took to complete a task. I have not yet used this, but I plan to!

I plan to optimize my time and tasks with the Teamwork Project software. I can’t wait to learn more features! And when I work in groups, I think it will be a lot more useful!