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Youtube and Programming

Digging deeper into my precourse work for the coding bootcamp I plan to attend, I have found myself researching for more information and new tools.

One of those new tools is Youtube.

It’s surprising yet refreshing because I don’t use Youtube.

I usually feel like a foreigner because my friends talk about how they watch Youtube and how they watched [insert name here] on Youtube. Usually what they have watched is not in one of my interests (video game strategy, make up/hair tutorials, singer, actor, music videos, etc).

It is dawning on me how useful Youtube can be for me with programming.  I am now subscribed to a couple of programming tutorial channels! I have reviewed the same subjects (I’m looking at you .reduce()) by different channels to gain a better understanding. I like hearing others explain one concept in different ways.

Now I want to see what else is out there for me! What amazing tool have you discovered? In what ways has Youtube brought a positive effect for you? What programming channels do you recommend?